Terms of Service

Terms of Service
By using susangordon.com, you agree to these Terms of Service. Terms of Service may be changed or updated at any time.

All content of susangordon.com (including images, graphics, text, and logos) is property of Susan Gordon Jewelry and is protected by the United States copyright laws. Electronic and hard copies of pages from susangordon.com may be used solely for non-commercial purposes related to placing an order with susangordon.com. Any other use of content from susangordon.com is prohibited without prior written permission from Susan Gordon Jewelry.
The trademarks, images, and logos of Susan Gordon Jewelry may not be used without written permission from Susan Gordon Jewelry.
Errors and Inaccuracies
Susan Gordon Jewelry reserves the right to correct or change any omissions or errors, and to update any information on susangordon.com at any time without prior notice.
Susan Gordon Jewelry reserves the right to cancel any order where pricing was inaccurate. 
Susan Gordon Jewelry reserves the right to cancel any orders deemed to be fraudulent.

Disclaimer of Liability
Susan Gordon Jewelry makes no representations of warranties with respect to susangordon.com. The website content and information available on the site are provided “as is”. Susan Gordon Jewelry is not liable for damages arising out of the use of susangordon.com.

No Confidentiality
Any comments or submissions sent to Susan Gordon Jewelry, except for information required to place an order, will be deemed non-confidential; it shall become property of Susan Gordon Jewelry.

Secure Ordering
Protecting your online order information on susangordon.com is important to Susan Gordon Jewelry. In the shopping checkout process, a secure checkout page is used.

Privacy Policy
Susan Gordon Jewelry is committed to providing you with the finest quality of products and service. In order to accomplish this, Susan Gordon Jewelry gathers personal information. Our online privacy policy describes what we obtain.

Information Collection
When you shop on susangordon.com we obtain information from you that we need to complete your transaction. This may include your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and credit card number. Details of your purchases and transactions are retained with us.

Use and Disclosure of Information
The information we collect is used to process purchase transactions and to send you marketing and promotional materials by e-mail or mail.
Changes to this Policy
Susan Gordon Jewelry may make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. Changes will be communicated by updating this page.