Leaf Earrings with Tahitian Pearls

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53 mm Leaf Earrings with Tahitian Pearls
22k gold dwt. 6.66 

13mm Tahitian Pearls 

Why 22k gold?
The use of 22k gold brings magnificent luxury to every piece in my collection. I love the way the metal responds to my tools and how I can carve and shape it to my will. The rich color also enhances the diamonds, vibrant stones, and exquisite pearls. Though more expensive to work with than other metals, 22k gold elevates each of my designs to heirloom quality. Each creation is handmade with the most extreme care by me and a team of master jewelry artisans.

What does DWT mean?
Shorthand for pennyweight, DWT is used to measure precious metal. One ounce of gold is roughly equivalent to 18.2 pennyweights (DWT) and therefore a piece cast in 22k gold is heavier than one cast in 14k gold. For example, my Emerald Flower Branch Bracelet with Bee has a DWT of 23.63 which is approximately 1⅓ ounces of gold.

South Sea Pearls
The ultimate luxury, South Sea Pearls are the most valuable and sought-after pearls, a gem that’s been beloved by monarchs throughout history. I've always been fascinated by their beautiful iridescence and rare luster, these pearls are symbolic of wisdom and are believed to offer protection and good health to those who wear them.